Raeanna Leasor

Raeanna Leasor, Training Coordinator Intern

Ms. Raeanna Leasor, Training Coordinator Intern, started her internship at the Eastern Missouri Police Academy in July of 2016. Before coming to the academy, Raeanna worked at a few places where customer service and interacting with the public was a priority which prepared her for her role now. As the Training Coordinator Intern, Raeanna schedules instructors to come in to teach basic training courses and making sure the instructors are prepared and have the correct lesson plans and presentations. She schedules 4,000 hours of basic training courses throughout the year ensuring that each class meets the 1,000 hours of class time needed before they graduate from the academy. Raeanna is currently a senior at the University of Missouri- St. Louis where she is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Communication.