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Security Training Program

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Security License Office General Information: 

Hours: Mon-Fri. 8:30 a.m. – 4:30p.m. No appointment needed to apply for temporary license

NOTE: *Academy is closed from 12:15pm – 1:15pm for lunch. 

You MUST bring with you:

  1. Letter of hire from company (dated within 5 days)
  2. Application fee of $60.00 for all individuals requesting a St. Charles County Security License

Application Process:

  • Each applicant must complete the application at the time of applying for a license. 

The applicant will be given:

Criminal Background Check-this MUST be sent to the Highway Patrol within 2 days of applying. The applicant will not be able to receive a license until the background check is returned to us by the Highway Patrol. The fee is $12.00 for MO and $16.00 for IL. A convicted felon cannot be licensed in St. Charles County, Missouri.

Temporary License-this license will allow the applicant to work while the background check is being processed and before the 16-hour Basic Training course of instruction is completed. Please read completely. Only one temporary license is permitted. NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE MADE. YOU WILL HAVE ONLY 60 DAYS TO COMPLETE THIS PROCESS.

Training Requirements: Attend the next 16-hour Basic Training Class which is MANDATORY or you will not be issued a license. The applicant will receive a letter that contains all of the information needed for the training class. The fee is $60.00 and payment is due on first day of class. Individuals attending training are required to wear either their security uniform or business casual (wash trousers, collar shirt). Individuals wearing jeans, shorts, flip-flops, t-shirts, etc. will not be allowed to attend training. 

Any protective device training program must be requested by the security company. The applicant must attend the certification training class through the Academy and will receive a certificate upon successful completion. If the applicant's employer does not request a protective device, the applicant cannot possess it. Under NO circumstances will a licensee be permitted to carry a concealed weapon.

Before Temporary License Expires (See Date on License) Applicant MUST: 

Call the Security Office at (636) 922-8724 on callback date (located on bottom of temporary license) to see if Background Check has been returned by the Highway Patrol. At that time, an appointment needs to be made (before expiration date) to receive the permanent license. If the temporary license expires, applicant will have to start the application process over. That includes: application process, fees and training after the waiting period of one calendar year.

Renewal Process: Applicant MUST make an appointment to renew their security license.

You MUST Bring with You:

  • Letter of continuation of hire from company (dated within 5 days)
  • Fee of $50.00
  • Security license
  • Must have completed a 4-hour continuing education training class held by the Academy.

*Without these items, a license will not be issued. A renewal training class is MANDATORY to renew a St. Charles license every year. The class needs to be a minimum of four hours. A yearly schedule of classes will be given to you and to your employer. It is the applicant's responsibility to attend the training class. The fee for classes are $30.00 - $90.00. The cost may be higher depending on the class the licensee chooses to attend. To enroll in class, the applicant must call the Continuing Education Department at (636) 922-8724. If the class has not been taken before the expiration date, applicant must start over with the application process (fees and training). 

Transfer of License: Licenses are transferrable provided the licensee submits an original employment letter from the new employing company, pays a transfer fee of $15.00, and is possession of a current security license. The expiration date of the new license will be the same as the original license.

Working with an Illegal License or Temporary License is a violation of St. Charles County Ordinance 95-145

Violations include:

  • Work with an expired temporary license or expired license - Work for one company under another company's license
  • Work without a license or temporary license or work without a license or temporary license on your person
  • Carry a protective device for which you are not certified by this police academy
  • Work out of uniform (if not licensed to do so)

* If prosecuted under any of the above violations you can serve up to 30 days in jail and up to a $300.00 fine.

Location Codes: Classes will be held in various buildings at the St. Charles County Community College or at another department. 

St. Charles County Community College Location Codes:

SC = Student Center Building

CC = College Center Building

ADM = Administration Center Building


To register for a security class or if you have any questions please contact us.